Her family and friends have set up this page with links to two charities which Joan had supported and which are true to her values and principles of equality for all when it comes to young people and science.



It is estimated that only 25% of the STEM sector are women. Not only is this a waste of talent and opportunity but it jeopardises Scotland’s chances to be at the forefront of innovation. We need a thriving STEM sector in Scotland to be globally competitive and relevant. To do this we need that sector to be diverse. Scotland needs more engineers, more scientists and more technologists to meet growth; whilst under-using half of the population – how will we reach our economic targets?

The jobs of the future are in STEM; it could be researching the next drug to combat cancer, designing the most durable and flexible prosthetics to allow someone to walk again, erecting the next Olympic stadium, creating interactive virtual reality or discovering the next solution in renewable energy.

The possibilities in the industry are limitless, but for women the opportunities are limited.



ScienceGrrl Glasgow is the local branch of the nationwide grassroots organization. We are led by volunteers from an amalgamation of backgrounds, from students, teachers, researchers and people with a vested interest in science. Our mission is to increase equality in STEM, highlight marginalised groups that have made incredible strides forward in the field of science and show it truly is for everybody. We aim to visit disadvantaged and rural areas but have a catchment the size of Scotland. As a non-profit volunteer-led organisation any money raised would help us continue doing this for as long as possible, inspiring as many young minds as we can on the way.