We would like if you could share some of the fun stories and memories of our Joan.

Disclaimer: Her mum, brother and partner will have access to what you share.


"Half a million children reached through Joan's work. Tens of talented science communicators brought together. She helped me with so many projects over the years, despite me spraying her with water during my first interview."


"Truly someone who made a difference to the lives of so many young people across Scotland. And the warmest, friendliest person to work with, handy with a crossword clue too"


"Joan and I used to chat for ages about rock gigs and whether we should give up science and become drug kingpins instead."


"Joan was my friend, a mentor and an inspiration. Her unwavering commitment to helping others was incredible. She truly felt if you helped a young person realise their potential, than the sky was the limit. She always said she could change the world and you believed her."


"Joan was an absolute rock - just the most capable, reassuring, competent colleague but also a great laugh. I missed countless buses after getting chatting to Joan at the end of the day."